The secret is hidden in reality - when you look at the present moment, you can change it for better. Doing it, you make your future better too. Everyday gives you eternity. 

I’ve been loving literature since forever. And the most the fact, that everyone can take from small letters something personally developing. Quote mentioned above reminds me about important issues: it’s worth to be aware, trying to improve quality of your thoughts and actions. And what is the most beautiful in functional therapy – through my personal growth I can support others development. You know, because of You I didn’t give up – it’s the best award ever to hear it.

Dorota Silarska

Functional Therapy

Method of work

Coope ration

  1. 1
    The foundation for good cooperation is contact and relationship development. I want to hear your story. By knowing your way of life and expectations, we will be able to set realistic and ambitious goals together. At the meeting I focus solely on you. In the whole therapeutic process you can count on my support - you will decide what kind of cooperation best suits you and what you need.
  2. 2
    I focus on finding the causes of your problems and ways of solving them, not just alleviating the symptoms. I try to combine our conversation, blood tests (sometimes saliva), diagnostic results (you will receive it on a visit), and physical symptoms, as my indicators to find the best program for each individual.
  3. 3
    In my work with the body I use the synergy of many techniques of The West and The East. This includes nutritional recommendations based on an analysis of your health situation and goals, and the technique of working with your body to support therapy.
  4. 4
    Work with mind
    We are what we think. What you believe manifests into your life. Because of this, in practice I do not limit myself to dietary recommendations and work with the body. By using psychological knowledge, mind work techniques (eg mindfulness, focusing), I support the therapeutic process and achieve the goals.
are the most impotrant

1 step

At the first meeting the most important is to talk and establish relationship. I would like to know about your lifestyle and expectations related to cooperation. We set initial goals. We prepare a plan for the next weeks.

If you want - I will analyse your body and show you the basic techniques how to "work" with it.

2 step

You will receive a folder with materials including:

  • recommendations,
  • suggested products,
  • progress log,
  • and please complete at home the diagnostic survey
3 step

I recommend a diagnostic tests, for example:

  • blood tests,
  • saliva tests,
  • body temperature measurement

After the first meeting please send me the results and completed diagnostic questionnaire. I will put all the elements together and make a plan.


  • Treatment


    I offer diagnostics and therapy based on nutrition, psychology and body work in variety of clinical conditions. Clinic nutrition is my primary specializiation and I have particular fondness to this issue.

    You’re suffering from overweight or obesity. Having impression that you’ve tried everything and still couldn’t lose weight; or insulin resistance, hiperglycaemia, reactive hypoglycaemia or other metabolic conditions: diabetes, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, hyperhomocysteinemia or you survivedcstroke. You’ve thyroid condition: hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism or thryroiditis. You can’t handle with gastrointestinal tract condition: irritable bowel syndrome, enteritis, ulcerative colitis, acid reflux, heartburn, constipation, flatulences or peptic ulceration.

    You have diagnosed (or you suspect) autoimmune disease: e.g. celiac, Hashimoto disease, Crohn’s disease, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthriris or lupus. Do you have unbalanced hormones/ suffer from PCOS/ adrenal fatigue.na Have you food sensitivities or intolerances diagnosed? Do you feel that something is going wrong with your cognitive abilities (attention, perception, memory)/ mood or neurological disorders Congenital metabolic conditions: phenylketonuria, MSUD, galactosemia, fructosemia).

    I offer you help with all of these symptoms.



    As a person with professional sport experience (mountain biking, long distance running) I can help you to improve your performance and results in a healthy and practical way. Athletes offer consist of diversified programs according to your seasonal preparation time (training, competitions or rest). Advices based on your metabolic type and parameters. Because of my experience and passion for endurance sport I direct my offer mostly for this type of athletes.



    You want to improve your quality of living by nutritious food. Lovely. But you have one big problem: everyone in your home prefers to eat something else, knows what is the best for health and so on. You noticed lack of harmony and consistency in home’s daily routine. I am here to listen to you and prepare suitable action plan to help you improve yours family health.



    You feel relatively well, but having impression that you don’t living the live. You’re lost in mass of information about health. Write or call to me – we can together analiste your daily habits, well-being, activities, nutrition and biochemical markers. Health is harmony between body, peaceful mind and well-being. Let’s try to get it.



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